Jacqueline Williams

Jacqueline Williams NEAC

Born 1962, Jacqueline Williams studied at Cheltenham (Glos Univ. 1982-85 BA Hons) and Royal Academy Schools (1985-88) London (post Grad Dip.) and was made a member of the New English Art Club (London, 1993).
At the Royal Academy she was taught by Fred Cuming and Ken Howard. Ken wrote of her in an exhibition catalogue:
“Not for Jackie the heavy introspection of much of the work the critics seem to extol today. Her work is in the main-stream tradition of British painting in the twentieth century, from the Camden Town and Euston Road Schools through New English painters like Sickert and Steer; a worthy follower of that greatest of English women painters, Gwen John. Her art is based on a personal vision expressed through sound craft, fine drawing, a wonderful sense of tonal pitch and a highly developed sense of colour.” Ken Howard.

Morning Garden
Oil on Board
20 x 24 Inches

Oil on Card Laid on Board
14.5 x 22.5 inches