Isabel Coulton

As a sculptor I find drawing is the cornerstone of my practice.  Sculpture combines a glorious mixture of science, play and the search for form.  My practice derives from a purity born of drawing, where one has to refine and limit the information that goes into a drawing or painting, to best communicate the essence of the love or interest that one has in the subject, and this is especially so when sculpting.

I love to work with anything I have to hand.  Everything can make marks and I find that experimentation lends a happy and random coincidence to my work which gives a certain liveliness to it.  Since lockdown I have discovered oils and acrylics, which are a whole new wonderful world to explore.

My life has led me to working with wood, stone, clay, pigment and words.  During my student years I immersed myself in the historic arts of carving, gilding and polychrome finishes.  With these skills I enjoy the challenge of creating in a multitude of ways, which keeps me, and my work, fresh and exciting.  I live in Devon and am also a wife, mother, drawing tutor and author.

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Watercolour and Pen and Ink
8 x 6 Inches

Figs in a Basket
Watercolour and Pen and Ink
8 x 6 Inches

Cradling the World
Mixed Media with Gold Leaf
10 x 10 Inches

Beacon Beauty in Mauve
Acrylic and Mixed Media
12 x 9 Inches

Pen and Ink
23 x 16.5 Inches