Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson is an international artist of great distinction. Born in Zimbabwe, Johnson divides his time between Britain, Europe and South Africa but regards the UK as his home.

‘While Christopher Johnson seeks his subject matter in landscape, he handles his paint with verve and vigour, squaring the circle that makes form and content of equal importance and forging that creative tension that is essential in any work of art. In a series of paintings of scenes from home and abroad and favouring a long format, whether horizontal or vertical, he shows himself adept both in his use of colour and in his whiplash calligraphic line… Johnson is a sensitive and perceptive artist whose future is well worth watching.’
Richard Jaques in ‘The Scotsman’

Christopher Johnson has exhibited widely, both in the UK and abroad, including: The Aldeburgh Gallery, Pierrepont Fine Art (Oxford), The Scottish Gallery, Rhodean College (Johannesburg), St John’s College (Johannesburg) and at the Fosse Gallery. His solo exhibitions include galleries in London, Oxford, Stockbridge, Edinburgh and Gloucestershire.

Christopher Johnson’s work is widely represented in private and public collections including: Anglo-American Corporation (SA), Bank of England, Bank of Scotland, Baring Asset Management, Central Holdings (Luxembourg), Cheltenham and Gloucestershire Building Society plc, Cullinan Holdings, Cultura Venezia, De Beers (SA), Eagle Star, First National Bank (SA), Hiscox Holdings Ltd, IBM, Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Maitland Consultancy, Martin Currie Investments Ltd, Rhodes University, Robert Fleming Holdings Ltd, The Rand Club, University of Oxford / Wolfson College, Task (UK) and Thames River Capital.

Mixed Flowers with Cosmos
Oil on Canvas
47 x 37.5 Inches

Barbara's Tree, 2019
Mixed Media on prepared Paper
30.5 x 41.5 inches

Summer Lane, Elkstone, 2019
Mixed media
16 x 19.5 inches

Poli Harbour, 2018
Mixed media on paper
19 x 14.5 inches

Frampton Place from the Orchard, 2018
Mixed media on paper
43.5 x 32 inches

Bales, Charlbury, 2018
Mixed media on paper
24 x 20 inches

Flower Study
Mixed Media on Paper
36 x 39 inches

Sunflowers with red teapot
Mixed Media on Paper
39 x 28 inches

The Walk to Alices Beach
Oil on Canvas
23.5 x 23.5 inches

Lazy Summer, the Malverns
Oil on Canvas
28 x 28 inches

Across the Firth
Oil on Canvas
19.5 x 19.5 inches

Rhythmic Road Foothills
Oil on Paper
14 x 45 inches

Navarre Panoramic
Oil on Paper
15.5 x 45 inches

Spring, The Dee
Oil on Canvas
16 x 20 inches

Autumn, Hamilton Russell
Oil on Paper
18 x 44 inches

The View from the Olive Shed
Oil on Paper
18 x 44 inches