Janet Johnson

Born in the U.S., Janet Johnson grew up amid the rolling hills and lush farmland of central Pennsylvania. There she developed a fascination with the elemental beauty of the landscape.

At Temple University’s Tyler School of Art, Janet studied painting and ceramics. Through the school’s foreign study program, she explored the masterworks of Italian painting and sculpture in Rome. Returning to Italy, she studied at the Villa Schifanoia Graduate School of Fine Arts at Rosary College in Florence, earning a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Inspired by Romantic art, the artist presents an idealised vision of nature. Her work evokes the poetry of the landscape: the glitter of snow in sunlight; a shimmering night sky; the sweeping curve of a mountain summit.

An accomplished skier, the artist depicts themes of the alpine experience: the exhilaration of facing a great challenge; navigating a path through peril with courage and skill; the mountain ascent as a metaphor for the journey of life.

The artist’s work is showcased in galleries, as well as specialized venues, including mountaineering clubs and events. Her work is also exhibited in hotels and chalets in France and Switzerland, especially along the Haute Route between Chamonix and Zermatt.
Recent Exhibitions and Events

‘Glory of the Glacier,’
The Alpine Club, London, 2016.

‘Encounters with Rock, Snow, and Ice,’
The Alpine Club, London, 2015.

‘Arolla Sublime,’
Grand Hôtel & Kurhaus, Arolla, Switzerland, 2015- 2017.

‘Not the Royal Academy,’
Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London, 2014, 2015, 2016.

‘The Haute Route Event,’
Grand Hôtel & Kurhaus, Arolla, Switzerland, 2013.

‘Royal Watercolour Society Open Competition,’
Bankside Gallery, London, 2011, 2013.

‘Alpine Paintings,’
Parkhotel Beau Site, Zermatt, Switzerland, 2011- 2012.

‘Alpine Paintings,’
Hôtel de la Couronne, Argentière, France, 2011-2012.

‘The Haute Route,’
The Alpine Club, London, England, 2010.

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Janet Johnson – Unsurveyed Glacier in Svalbard, Fulmars Roosting on the Ice Pack

Janet Johnson

Unsurveyed Glacier in Svalbard, Fulmars Roosting on the Ice Pack

Oil on Canvas

12 x 16 inches


Janet Johnson – Quiet Crossing

Janet Johnson

Quiet Crossing

Oil on Canvas

8 x 8 inches


Janet Johnson – Journey Through Woods in Falling Snow

Journey Through Woods in Falling Snow

Watercolour on Paper

14 x17 inches


Janet Johnson – Pines and Milky Way

Pines and Milky Way

Oil on Canvas

9.5 x 9.5 inches