Seren Bell

Thursday April 1, 2021

New Works

Launch Online: Tuesday 6th April 2021 – 11am

[Gallery Doors open from the 12th April]

The Exhibition continues until: Saturday 8th May 2021

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Seren Bell

Known for her beautiful depictions of rural animals, Seren delights in painting in and around the Wye Valley where she lives. This modestly sized piece of Radnorshire with its relatively unseen, old, and forgotten domestic landscape is scattered with old farms, chapels, cottages, all sitting perfectly rooted in the contours of the land.

From the tops, the Wye Valley is laid out in a pattern of fields and woodlands with the majestic shapes of The Black Mountains in the background.

Seren Bell - The Greyhound - Mixed Media - 18 x 23 Inches
Seren Bell - Lambs and May Blossom - Mixed Media - 20.5 x 16.5 Inches

“It is the winter months I love the most. Walking in the early morning or late afternoon you can see the bare bones and details of the land; the lines of the trees against a frosty background and the radiant colours which appear in the sky as the world darkens over cold and bleached fields.”

Seren Bell - Chickens - Mixed Media - 12.5 x 13.5 Inches

Fiercely loving animals since she was small, Seren depicts her subjects with simplicity and consideration; giving them a voice that we can recognise and respond to. Loving everything about sheep, Seren has certainly made them her hallmark. Their wise bony faces, bulky fleeces, glamourous markings, and the ewes’ loving, maternal instincts, very much in evidence now with the fields joyously filling up with lambs once more.

There are many stars in this exhibition, ancient pigs, well-mannered hounds, flashy cockerels, and local geese parading. I especially like the addition of the elegant greyhounds; they look so beautiful against the landscape – how they hold themselves with poise and dignity! You just want to love them all!