Pamela Kay NEAC

Tuesday January 26, 2021

New Paintings

Launch Online: Monday 1st February 2021, 11 am

The Exhibition continues until: Saturday 27th February 2021

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Pamela Kay - The Paintbox Beds and Poppies - Oil on Board - 18 x 24 Inches

It has been two very quick years since the Fosse Gallery staged Pamela Kays successful solo exhibition early on in 2019. 

A respected and distinctive artist it is a huge pleasure to be holding this second show, albeit in lock down but available online for all to enjoy.

Before the pandemic hit, in May 2019, Pamela was lucky enough to visit Monet’s garden at Giverny, described as her most favourite place to work in the world. 

“It is constantly changing, sumptuously planted, for colour and texture rather than species, yet has an architecture that constrains and stops it from running riot. I was fortunate to spend a few days living in the village and enjoying the peaceful experience of life there after the crowds had gone. Being able to book special reservation passes for permission to paint alone in the Gardens was amazing. There is still a strong ‘Spirit of Place’ alive and well in Monet’s garden. The gardeners have a profound sense that they are still working to the design and vision of the Great Painter and recently de-fenestrated the newly appointed English Head Gardener in order to keep the faith.  I worked on the painting of the Paintbox Beds there and the extraordinary thing is, the whole time I had a very real sense of the presence of Monet himself, keeping a watch over what I was doing. That ups your game like nothing else!”

I personally came to Pamela’s work many years ago through appreciating her ravishing Still Life and Flower compositions.

Pamela Kay - Bluebells and the Blue Cupboard - Oil on Canvas - 16 x 20 Inches

“I have spent a lifetime collecting beautiful things to paint, and in the days when it was possible, scoured second-hand shops for dishes, pots and jugs as well as the odd basket and small cupboard” remarks Kay.

“Lockdown concentrates the mind and has allowed me to excavate all my cupboards for my favourite pieces and re-new their acquaintance. I find the simplest things are always the best and this year re-discovered the delights of violas. They are beautiful in scale and sparkle in small paintings. I think my job as a painter is to bring all this to your attention. To say ‘Have you seen this?’, ‘Did you notice that?’, ‘Can you see how very beautiful this is, sitting here very quietly, waiting for you to enjoy?’ It is ALL so beautiful and I just want you to take a look!”