Manuel Aragón Ortega (1932- 2006)

Thursday March 28, 2024

Private View: Sunday 5th May 2024

The Exhibition continues until: Saturday 25th May 2024

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Manuel Aragón Ortega

Manuel Aragón Ortega, was born in the town of San Fernando, in the province of Cádiz in the region of Andalucía in the south of Spain.

From a very early age, he spent all his free time drawing and painting with his father who was a non-professional artist and his first teacher.

Although he used still life themes to improve his drawing technique, it was clear that his passion was for landscape painting. His favourite themes were the salt lakes and the small boats of his native town, “Mi tierra” as he called it.

Manuel Aragon - Boats in the Morning, 1974 - Board - 9 x 11 Inches
Manuel Aragon – Boats in the Morning, 1974 – Oil on Board – 9 x 11 Inches

In 1951, while life painting, he casually met Pierre de Matheu, an artist with whom he will develop a closed connection. Pierre was Manuel de Falla’s cousin and had lived in Paris for 40 years before moving to Spain looking for the Mediterranean landscape and light. Aragón went to Madrid to complete the then compulsory military service and he was a regular visitor of Pierre’s studio who became a real “maestro” to him.

Manuel continued his pictoric trajectory and he discovered the beauty of the Castillian landscape, very different from his native Andalucía but that he equally loved.

Throughout his life, Aragón developed different styles and in some of his work, geometry became a very important element of the composition. Equally, he experimented with different supports such as canvas, board and paper that he personally prepared before painting.

A great master of the oils, he used not only the brush but he loved the texture of the pallet knife that gave such a strength and character to his compositions.

His themes varied from boats, villages, olive trees or water themes, but treated as real characters and always with a solid drawing as he believed it to be the base of any good painting.

Manuel Aragon - View of Toledo, 1995 - Board - 25 x 20 Inches
Manuel Aragon – View of Toledo, 1995 – Oil on Board – 25 x 20 Inches

During his career, Aragón took part in many exhibitions and art fairs all over Spain, such as Escorial, Cádiz, Cuenca, Barcelona and Madrid. He participated in Art Miami in Florida, 1995 and Feria de Arte en Sevilla and Arteexpo Barcelona, both in the year 2000.

Manuel continued painting and evolving in his technique, spending most of his days in his studio until the end of his life due to cancer on the 31st of December 2006.

This exhibition wants to be a tribute to Manuel’s whole career and therefore includes a great variety of his work throughout his life.

We are very excited that the first exhibition of his work in the UK is going to be in the Fosse Gallery in Stow on the Wold. Although Aragón never came to Stow we know how much he would have loved it!