Lucy Pratt – Exhibition 2021

Tuesday March 22, 2022

Postcards Home

Lucy Pratt

Lucy and I started our art journeys at around the same time. With sheer determination and bags of talent this ‘Girl Wonder’ was conquering the Cotswold art scene and having regular solo exhibitions in London, whilst I was very much the Girl Friday here at Fosse – in the middle of my apprenticeship, so to speak. Never one to stand still, Lucy had seized her opportunities and was well up and running by the time of her first Solo show here at the Fosse Gallery, in 2006.

Through travel in the early days to India, Nepal and Thailand, she sought her inspiration, but it was only on her return to the UK that Lucy really began to define and hone her subject with a distinctive, painterly style. Devon, Cornwall; and Cadgwith in particular – places and communities embedded in her from time well-spent as a child through to adult hood, poured out. Those enduring motifs we have come to recognise and love were realised.

This collection Postcards Home was largely painted during the pandemic when getting out of lockdown and being able to travel again to parts of the UK became possible. That joyous sense of freedom and appreciation of being able to return to our favourite spot, focusing on simple pleasures, good company, food and walks, once more.

Lucy comments that the paintings from Constantine Bay were a mission to achieve, especially the largest in the series. Painting in situ, the weather was magnificent but the coastal wind so strong that the canvas had to be tied to the railings to stop it being blown away! This painting captures the stunning light and sky reflected in the wet sand and its myriad of colours. Working outside in the elements, the sound of the waves bellowing in your ears, is so invigorating and addictive, it often feels like an extreme sport!

Lucy’s world on canvas is uncomplicated and we see it through a Technicolour lens. The sun is shining, there is laughter, and we take pleasure in the moment.

But don’t be fooled, the artist is not seducing us, taking us down the path of fluffy confection. Her message is defined and packs a punch, one we need to keep reminding ourselves of especially in today’s world – how lucky we are and isn’t it good to be alive!

Sharon Wheaton, March 2022