Latest News – August 2014


‘Turn Again’ – George Underwood


It is nearly the end of the holiday season and I hope everyone has had, or is about to have, a good holiday. For me I know it was bliss to lie on a beach and I still feel a tad guilty that I am not quite working at full throttle… yet. However, after next week it will be all systems go when the invites for George Underwood drop and our website goes live with his exhibition.


I have admired George’s paintings for years and have always relished the prospect of seeing his work, usually in London. As you can tell it will be an enormous privilege to stage this latest collection of paintings here during September. I urge you to read the introduction on the invite as a very special person has also made a contribution and like me is a big fan.


Over the past few weeks artist Charlie Calder-Potts has returned from her time as a war artist at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. I was so pleased she called into the gallery and was enthralled to hear about her experiences there. I really look forward to the new inspired paintings, and it is with little surprise that Charlie has been selected to exhibit at theThreadneedle Figurative Prize next month at the Mall Galleries in London.


During October, Welsh landscapist Gwyn Roberts shall be taking centre stage. I am sure as in previous exhibitions the gallery will literally throb with his breath-taking scenes of mountain ranges, lakes and that glorious Welsh coast line. You have been warned… and just in case by November we have forgotten all about about the beautiful summer we have enjoyed, Lucy Pratt will bring us Fun on the Riviera. A colourful and totally joyous collection of paintings in her unique inimitable way of time spent this year on our very own British Riviera and a visit to Portofino, on the Italian Riviera.


All three solo exhibitions this autumn here at the Fosse Gallery could not be more different and I hope there is something for everyone. I am full of excitement and anticipation at the prospect and know I had better get myself into gear for sure. George Underwood’s latest collection will certainly provide the kick-start as we begin our final preparations for this breath-taking exhibition in just over 2 weeks.


© Sharon Wheaton August 2014