Jane McCance Exhibition 2016

Private View at Fosse Gallery: Sunday 5th June 2016, 11am – 4pm.
The Exhibition continues until Saturday 26th June 2016.
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image‘Arrangement with Blue Cloth and Cups’
I was born in Glasgow in 1974 to Scottish and Danish parentage, and grew up just outside the city, near the gentle Campsie Fells, which I could see from the windows of my childhood home, from the sun room which served as my first studio.
Home was and is important to me, and this sense of belonging, mixed with bittersweet nostalgia, is an element of the feeling with which I attempt to infuse my paintings. We lived through the wall from my grandmother, and the ways in which she, and my own mother, placed precious objects and little bowls of flowers and plant cuttings around their houses, has stayed with me and remains a source of comfort and pleasure as I do the same thing myself. It seems to me that such actions represent small, everyday, beautiful moments and concerns amidst the rest of what happens in life. Just as laundry hanging on a washing line shows life’s continuum, and the infinitesimal domestic duties which are played out day upon day, my still life paintings are an attempt to somehow portray the stillness and courage which is evident within the ordinary domestic setting.
image‘The Placing of Small Things’
In 2004 I moved out of Glasgow with my then-husband in order to raise our son in a seaside town held in much affection by Glaswegians, and here Aubrey and I still live, in the near shadow of the Brisbane Glen hills and moorland, and a stone’s throw from the sea, which reflects the special, vast, almost flat light of the west coast. I can often be found (when I’m not at home in the studio) walking our little terrier along the promenade and onto the beach, and find myself raising and shielding my eyes (in all weathers) in an appreciation of this light.
The landscapes of Scotland and Denmark have always been a rich mine of emotion for me, in different ways; the former is something I have lived and breathed since childhood, aware of the overwhelming wish to inhale and consume something so vast; the latter as an exile who has spent much time visiting its soft, flat farming lands. The combination produces a desire to paint, to exhale onto the canvas a mixture of awe and melancholy, of knowing the unknowable, and the human ability to accept this dichotomy.
In 2000 I graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art Photography. After moving to Ayrshire and the birth of my son, and finding myself as a single parent, I worked as (among other things) a columnist and editor in local journalism. I returned to the easel in 2011, and launched as a full-time painter in 2014. My work is shown across the UK and held in domestic and international private collections.
image‘Great Expectations’
Jane McCance April 2016
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