Bridget Lansley Exhibition

‘Passions of Colour’ by Bridget Lansley
Private View at Fosse Gallery: Sunday 6th September 2015, 11am – 4pm.
The Exhibition continues until Saturday 26th September 2015.
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Across the Moors
It is always a great pleasure to work with Bridget Lansley and therefore no hardship at all to be staging her second One Man Exhibition ‘Passions of Colour’, here at the Fosse Gallery. Introduced by a mutual friend and fan of Bridget’s paintings nine years ago, it was easy for me to recognise straight away her natural handling of tone, colour and composition and her flair for her subject. Throughout our association it has been so rewarding to see her work refine, develop and mature into the distinctive and instantly recognisable style that is hers. Lansley’s paintings always attract and she has admirers and buyers from all over the UK as well as overseas.
From a family of artists Bridget, like many before her, started her career path in publishing, which in turn led to an increasing involvement with the art world. Hard to resist and with an undeniable talent and passion for painting, Bridget became a full time artist well over a decade ago after studying contemporary art under Robin Child.
Bridget paints with passion tempered with an analytical eye for the essentials of colour, pattern and composition. ‘Colour really pleases me, I love playing with colours and mixing them in the palette to balance the composition’ says Lansley. Whether it is shooting or racing, she has a gift for extracting the essential point of a scene or composition and conveying it with clarity and charm. Across the Moors and Brighter Skies are two examples of how she captures the atmosphere of the day’s shooting and translates it onto canvas. The entire day’s sport can be relived through her series of paintings. Bridget concludes ‘I paint mostly from imagination and memory. I see the shape and composition of my figures in the setting, the detail I leave to the interpretation of the viewer, but the character of the individual is in the gait and stance.’
Equally she succeeds with her sophisticated still life and flower paintings. Very much part of her handwriting, the essential use of colour critically tempered with that analytical eye, reduces a complicated composition into simplified blocks of colour carefully balanced, as seen in The Breakfast Table and Table Setting; or the joie de vivre we feel when enjoying the boldness and exuberance of The Yellow Room. Combine all this with Bridget’s relaxed and elegant charm, translated effortlessly onto her canvasses and you have a highly distinctive and winning combination.
The Yellow Room
Sharon Wheaton 2015
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